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    CUA Pool Controller
    CUA Pool Controller
    Sign up for CUA's Beta Program Today!
    Sign up for CUA's Beta Program Today!
    Watch Our Video Here
    Watch Our Video Here


Avoid hassles from typical pool maintenance with these CUA features


Real-time monitoring and 24/7 event detection and notification


Cloud-based smart scheduling through connected sensors


Active filter clean alert and air sucking protection


Control from anywhere via phone, tablet or computer


Chemical monitoring and balancing


Over-the-air updates

Beta Program

Sign Up Here

CUA is looking for 50 candidates in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area to join our Beta Program. The program will start in the summer of 2018 and run for one year. Features will be released in a phased approach (see below for more details.)

We will give away $2000 worth of equipment to selected participants, including:

CUA Smart Pool Controller

PH/ORP/Temp Sensor

Air Temp Sensor

Pressure Sensor

*Participants are responsible for the cost of installation

Phase 1 (2 months)

Set up equipment to control pool

Install sensors to monitor pool health

Initiate TempAdjust Smart Scheduling

Phase 2 (6 months)

Initiate trigger alerts to help participant balance chemicals
(All participants will be required to purchase same brand of acid and chlorine)

Activate Smart Filtering Alerts

Activate Smart Pump Protection

Activate Energy Monitoring

Phase 3 (4 months)

Install and configure chemical pumps

Activate smart water chemicals to keep water at optimal balance


Own an in-ground pool, spa or pool/spa combo
(Must be fully operational with all maintanace equipment)

Have reliable Wi-Fi access at pool equipment location

Be willing to provide feedback on system

Maintain our Advanced Monitoring Service for at least 12 months ($29.99/month)


Cua Vs Other Pool Controllers


  • Controls Variable Speed Pumps
  • Controls Valve Actuators
  • Remote Control Access
  • Controls Chlorinator
  • Control Heater Target Temperature
  • Freeze Protection
  • Basic Scheduling
  • Customizable Auxiliary Ports
  • Over The Air Updates
  • Cloud Adjusted Clock
  • Water Temperature Monitoring
  • Current PH Levels
  • Current ORP Levels
  • Temperature Based Schedules
  • Advance Scheduling
  • SmartHome Integration
  • Filter Pump Protection
  • Smart Filter Cleaning Reminder
  • PH Levels Monitoring
  • ORP Levels Monitoring
  • Sensor Based Alerts
  • Avoid Shock Water
  • Daily Add Acid As Needed
  • Daily Add Chlorine As Needed



About Us

We are a startup based in Denton Texas. We are looking for develop the next generation of pool controllers with the focus in saving time and money, while also providing a more user friendly and easy to understand system to control your swimming pool.

What we do?

We are developing the world's first Smart Pool Controller. In short we are development a device that controls all of the equipment in your pool (pumps, lights, heaters, Valves, etc) and using a set of sensors(included with controller), will provide the following benefits:

Remote Control of all aspects of your pool

Monitor PH level of water

Monitor Sanitation level of water

Receive alerts like freeze detection and air leaks

Smart Scheduling

Over the Air Updates

Why Us?

Simply put, we are a team dedicated to simplifying pool ownership. Our device also provides features no other pool controller can do.