Avoid hassles from typical pool maintenance with these CUA features

Smart Chemical Pumps

Pumps Chlorine and Acid as needed

Temp Based Scheduling

Runs the pool based on weather forcast

Smart Alerts

Protects your pool equipment with alerts

Remotely Controlled

Control your pool from anywhere like phone, PC and Alexa

Artificial Intelligence

System learns over time with more data

Never outdated

Over-the-air software updates


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Pool Control

Sensor Status

Activities Overview


Smart Schedule

Auto Schedule

Activities Completed

Activities Scheduled

Schedule Auto Detail

Schedule Auto Detail

Water Temperature

Pressure Status

ORP Status

PH Status


Cua Vs Other Pool Controllers


  • Controls Variable Speed Pumps
  • Controls Valve Actuators
  • Remote Control Access
  • Controls Chlorinator
  • Control Heater Target Temperature
  • Freeze Protection
  • Basic Scheduling
  • Customizable Auxiliary Ports
  • Over The Air Updates
  • Cloud Adjusted Clock
  • Water Temperature Monitoring
  • Current PH Levels
  • Current ORP Levels
  • Temperature Based Schedules
  • Advance Scheduling
  • SmartHome Integration
  • Filter Pump Protection
  • Smart Filter Cleaning Reminder
  • PH Levels Monitoring
  • ORP Levels Monitoring
  • Sensor Based Alerts
  • Avoid Shock Water
  • Daily Add Acid As Needed
  • Daily Add Chlorine As Needed




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Chemical Automation
15% OFF    $510 ($600)

  • Mobile & Web Remote Monitoring
  • Safety SMS Alerts
  • Water Temp Remote Tracking
  • Pressure Remote Tracking
  • Smart Chlorine Dispersing
  • Smart Acid Dispersing

Pool Automation
** 12 Months No Interest **
20% OFF    $1040 ($1300)

  • Includes Chemical Automation
  • Control up to 4 Auxiliaries
  • Mobile & Web Remote Control
  • Temperature Based Scheduling
  • Variable Speed Pump Control
  • Freeze Protection

Pool/Spa Automation
** 12 Months No Interest **
25% OFF    $1500 ($2000)

  • Includes Basic Automation
  • Control up to 8 Auxiliaries
  • Spa & Pool Valve Control
  • Water Heater Remote Control


Chemical Service
$40 Monthly

  • Chlorine & PH Remote Tracking
  • Smart Chlorine & Acid Dispersing
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Water Chemistry Evaluations
  • Chemical Refills & Treatment*
  • Sensors Replacement Warranty
  • Salt Cell Inspection
  • On-demand Pool Equipment Diagnostics

Cleaning Options
Brushing, Netting & Vacuuming

  • $35 Every Week (30 Min)
  • $40 Every Other Week (45 Min)
  • $45 Every Third Week (1 Hour)
  • $50 Every Fourth Week (1 Hour)
  • $55 On-Demand Service (1 Hour)
  • $120 Filter Cleaning

Only available in the Dallas Fort-Worth Market
*Chemicals not included

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2717 N Elm St, Denton, TX 76201, USA

+1 (855)624-6282


What Our Customers Say

“I am completely satisfied with CUA. They are always on top of my pool health, and contact me immediately when attention is needed. The system they installed took all of the headaches I’ve dealt with my pool. I could not be happier.”

- Michael S. - Argyle, TX

“I am very pleased with the product and how it operates. What sets CUA Pools apart from other similar companies is the service and support. I started working with Juan when I first bought my home in Colleyville. The pool was a disaster. All the equipment was old and in need of repair. I had the old timers that run the pool and cleaner. Now I have a state of the art system that darn near runs my pool for me. All controlled by CUA Pools. They were also able to help me with numerous problems including leaky valves and installation of equipment. These guys do it all.”

- Audie B. - Colleyville, TX

“They care about your pool and saving you time and money on automating your pool equipment.”

- Heather H. - Corinth, TX

“I love this CUA system. It’s truly revolutionary with its capability. Recently my automation system detected freeze due to the cold weather and it not only adjusted it, it also detected air in the filtration system causing low air pressure and notified me immediately via text to inspect my water level and pool equipment. Sure enough my skimmers were clogged up from heavy wind storm over night and had plenty of leaves and debris in my skimmers. Cleaned it out right away and system went back to normal. Thanks to my CUA system, it prevented my pool equipment from getting damaged. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to protect their pools and save money monthly from traditional pool cleaning services”

- Ruben P. - Corinth, TX

“I was a little nervous letting a new business work on my pool but the team at CUA Pools had me at ease every step of the way. The web based interface let's me know exactly what's going on with the pool in real time wherever I may be. Ultimately it's a fantastic product with even better customer support. Thanks to CUA I can focus on enjoying my pool more than maintaining it.”

- Kyle H. - Denton, TX

“Folks at CUA Pools are very professional and the service they provide is very distinct and unique when compared to similar services in the area.”

- Prashant B. - Flower Mound, TX

“Excellent pool system. Pool maintenance is much easier and convenient with the system.”

- Luciana A. - Frisco, TX

“It has given me a peaceful mind to have on the go control features to manage the pool remotely.”

- Joy L. - Denton, TX

“Great service, very professional, the guys are VERY responsive and have helped us out tremendously with the health of our pool. I've saved a ton on chemicals and maintenance by being able to automate and manage my pool from anywhere in the world.”

- Chris S. - Dallas, TX

“... It has been a life saver and money saver for me and my family as CUA Pools provides all the chemicals you need, eliminating the need for you or your pool care person to buy and put in expensive chemicals each week. Their system automatically releases the precise amount of each chemical needed, when detected, by the sensors they connect to your current set up ... I hope all of you out there with a pool are able to take advantage of this because the guys who own and operate this company are not only all family but the same people you will speak with and who will install the system and they are great guys!”

- Grant T. - Fort Worth, TX

About Us

We are an enterprise based in Denton, Texas. We have developed the next generation of pool controller with the focus in saving time and money, and also providing flexible pool service.

What we do?

We have developed the world's first Smart Pool Controller. In short we have a pool controller that controls all of the equipment in your pool (pumps, lights, heaters, valves, etc) and using a set of sensors(included with controller), will provide the following benefits:

Remote Control of all aspects of your pool

Monitor PH level of water

Monitor Sanitation level of water

Receive alerts like freeze detection and air leaks

Smart Scheduling

Over the Air Updates

Why Us?

Simply put, we are a team dedicated to simplifying pool ownership. Our pool controller also provides features no other controller offers.